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  Ultimately, monitoring results are analyzed for performance and compliance trends across the each Local Early Steps and the statewide system. The analysis serves as the basis for decision-making regarding personnel development and training needs, resource allocation, statewide and local technical assistance, implementation of incentives and enforcement actions, determinations and policy revision, and clarification. The following information is reviewed:

  1. progress toward State Performance Plan targets,
  2. status of implementation of the team-based primary service provider model,
  3. identified training needs,
  4. dispute resolution issues,
  5. feedback from families, and
  6. results of Quality Assurance monitoring

System evaluation data and the results of analysis are summarized in an Annual Performance Report per the requirements of the United States Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs who then determines whether Florida meets the requirements and purposes of Part C, needs assistance, needs intervention, and/or needs substantial intervention in implementing the requirements of IDEA Part C. The Early Steps State Office also evaluates each Local Early Steps based on set criteria and establishes an annual determination of their level of successful implementation of the requirements of IDEA Part C. Furthermore, the results of the Annual Performance Report, Child Outcomes, Family Survey and State and LES Determinations are available to the public and reported on the Early Steps website annually.