CPEIP Faculty

Mimi Graham, Director
Education: Ed.D., University of Miami
Specialization: Inclusion programs for infants and toddlers with disabilities; home visiting and center-based interventions for infants and toddlers.
Email: mgraham@fsu.edu

Barbara White, Associate in Research
Education: M.S.W., M.Ed.
Specialization: Teen parent programs; quality child care and early intervention; infant mental health and effects of trauma and abuse.
Email: bawhite@fsu.edu

Sandra Adams, Director of Special Projects
Education: Ph.D., University of South Florida OTR, University of Florida
Specialization: Occupational Therapy/ Early Intervention Services for Children 0 to 5 with Special Needs; Infant Mental Health; School Readiness; Policy, Funding, and Systems Development
Email: sadams@fsu.edu

Christine Chiricos, Associate in Research
Education: Ph.D., Florida State University
Specialization: Attachment and trauma in early childhood; family-based interventions; training and consultation
Email: cchiricos@fsu.edu

Terry Davis Hoover, Training Director
Education: RN, Ph.D., Florida State University
Specialization: Instructional Design and Training
Email: thoover@fsu.edu

Julie May McDougal, LCSW, Early Head Start Director
Email: jmay3@fsu.edu

Scott Hoecherl, Assistant in Research
Email: shoecherl@fsu.edu

Shawn Coughlin, IT Director/Database Administrator
Education: M.S., Florida State University
Email: scoughlin@fsu.edu

Shinelle Alexander, Accounting Representative
Email: sca06@fsu.edu

Amanda Flowers, Training Coordinator
Email: aflowers2@fsu.edu

Haley Llewellyn, Administrative Specialist
Email: hllewellyn@fsu.edu

Sarah Mullane, Program Assistant
Email: smullane@fsu.edu

Kimrell Parrott, Network Administrator
Email: kparrott@fsu.edu

Michael Virgin, Senior Clerk
Email: mwvirgin@fsu.edu

Pam Watson, Grant Compliance Specialist
Email: pwatson@fsu.edu

Ruby Zindler, Systems Administrator/Application Developer
Education: M.S., Florida State University
Email: ruby.zindler@fsu.edu

FSU Young Parents Project Staff
Tara Wynn, Program Coordinator for Young Parents Project
Email: tara.wynn@fsu.edu

Juanita Armbrister, Miami Team Leader/Case Coordinator
Email: jarmbrister@fsu.edu

Valerie Dallas, Tallahassee Team Leader/Site Coordinator
Email: vdallas@fsu.edu