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Why do so many programs
LVE the FSU Partners curriculum

It's one of the most widely used home visiting curricula across the world!

Partners for a Healthy Baby, one of the most widely used home visiting curricula across the world, is used by more than 3,700 home visiting programs serving pregnant and parenting families including evidence-based MIECHV models such as Early Head Start, Healthy Families America, and Nurse Family Partnership. Partners is also used by home visiting models with promising practices that are building their evidence base such as the U.S. Military's New Parent Support Program, State health departments, Healthy Start, and teen parent programs.

The FSU Partners curriculum strengthens the implementation of ALL home visiting models by offering a planned sequence of critical research-based topics with colorful and engaging Parent Handouts linked to program goals including:

  • Improving birth outcomes
  • Strengthening families
  • Reducing rates of child abuse
  • Increasing intervals between pregnancies
  • Enhancing child health and developmental outcomes
  • Supporting family stability and economic self-sufficiency

Programs LOVE the FSU Partners curriculum because it:

  • Provides research-based guidance toward achieving program outcomes
  • Offers a systematic approach to planning and conducting effective home visits
  • Summarizes, in one place, information that Home Visitors need
  • Helps Home Visitors know when to address critical topics
  • Makes it easy for Home Visitors to systematically address issues that are necessary to achieve family and program goals
  • Provides a comprehensive array of almost 800 Purposes for Home Visitors to choose from
  • Makes it easy to individualize the delivery of content to meet the unique needs of their diverse families
  • Engages families with colorful, easy to read Parent Handouts
  • Provides prompts to help Home Visitors address difficult topics and to communicate effectively
  • Aligns with program standards of major home visiting programs to help ensure compliance