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Why do so many Home Visitors
LVE the FSU Partners curriculum

Systematically and effectively plan home visits that address all the key topics to meet your families' and program's goals.

Information at your fingertips. Home visitors can be overwhelmed by trying to know the latest research about all the issues that face expectant and new parents. Partners has done the work for you by summarizing all the information you need in one place.

Easy. Partners makes it easy for Home Visitors to plan visits. The research related to the curriculum content is simplified and provided in an extremely accessible way through a planned sequence of critical topics linked to program goals. By taking out all the guess work, you'll know when to address critical topics at just the right time-and have all you need at your fingertips.

Choices. Unlike prescriptive curricula, Partners provides Home Visitors the flexibility to choose from almost 700 Purposes to address the unique needs of the diverse families they visit. The easy-to-use format helps Home Visitors plan visits that are appropriate for each family; provides detailed information and guidance about how to address difficult topics; and offers colorful magazine-style Parent Handouts that the Home Visitor can give to the family to reinforce the information being shared.

Effectiveness. Partners uses a systematic approach to planning and conducting effective home visits, which helps achieve both family and program outcomes. What a home visitor talks about during visits is critical because it directly correlates to outcomes. For example, the more our Home Visitors talked about smoking cessation with pregnant smokers using this structured curriculum, the higher their babies' birthweight. The more times the Home Visitor talked about breastfeeding, the longer the mother breastfed. The more often emotional and family support issues were discussed with the mother, the more likely they were to have higher self-esteem.i (Stabile, I., Graham, M., Chu, K. L., Hakes, A., Dahlem, B., &King, F. J. (1999). A randomized trial of nurse and paraprofessional home visiting during pregnancy. FSU Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy, Unpublished manuscript).

How To Do It All. The Partners curriculum is designed to help organize, plan and follow up on critical topics before, during and after the home visit. It helps the Home Visitor to:

  • Plan each visit so that critical topics are covered in a timely manner.
  • Know important facts about each topic.
  • Communicate effectively by using the open-ended questions and other prompts that are provided.
  • Record and keep track of the topics covered with each family.
  • Know what to look for in order to detect early signs of health or developmental problems.
  • Know how to discuss concerns with the family and/or a health care provider.
  • Recognize when to seek further guidance from their supervisor.
  • Prepare parents with the knowledge and skills needed to care for their baby, and support optimal bonding and attachment.
  • Encourage parents to engage in activities that support their child's development.
  • Promote changes toward healthier lifestyles for expectant and parenting families.