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Comprehensive Curriculum

Partners is a "two generational" curriculum that addresses the needs of both the parents and the child.

The FSU Partners curriculum addresses the multifaceted needs of expectant and parenting families. Partners is a "two generational" curriculum that addresses the needs of both the parents and the child. We know that unless the family is stable, they cannot possibly meet the health and developmental needs of their young children. For that reason, Partners covers a wide array of issues related to Family Development and Family Health & Safety, and includes content that addresses Preparing and Caring for Baby/Toddler; and Baby's/Toddler's Development. With 671 Purposes and corresponding Parent Handouts to choose from, Home Visitors can individualize visits to address the specific needs of each family.

FSU Partners Curriculum
The FSU Partners curriculum series consists of 4 books:
  1. Before Baby Arrives (Prenatal)
  2. Baby's 1st Year (Months 1-12)
  3. Baby's 2nd Year (Months 13-24)
  4. Toddler's 3rd Year (Months 25-36)

Before Baby Arrives
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 Scope & Sequence
Baby's 1st Year
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 Scope & Sequence
Baby's 2nd Year
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 Scope & Sequence
Baby's 3rd Year
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 Scope & Sequence

Each book is organized the same so you can easily address issues spanning from pregnancy to early childhood.
There are 4 major Categories:

  1. Family Development
  2. Maternal & Family Health
  3. Preparing for Baby; Caring for Baby/Caring for Toddler
  4. Baby's Development/Toddler's Development

Under each Category are Topics that address the needs of expectant and parenting families. Each Topic can be addressed by selecting from a list of Purposes to discuss on the visit. Before the visit, the Home Visitor will read over the Purpose and the accompanying Detailed Information Page that provides prompts and guidance on how to discuss the Purpose. There is also a full-color Parent Handout for each Purpose. These handouts help the Home Visitor engage families by summarizing critical information and providing speaking points for the Home Visitor. Parent Handouts are intended to be left with the family to promote continued learning.

Family Development Maternal & Family Health Preparing/Caring for Baby Baby's/Toddler's Development
  • Empowerment
  • Relationships & Support
  • Fatherhood
  • Career Development & Finances
  • Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco
  • Sex, STIs, & Family Planning
  • Family Health Care & Safety
  • Nutrition & Exercise
  • Pregnancy & Interconception Care
  • Emotional Health
  • Nutrition & Feeding
  • Health & Safety
  • Daily Care Routines
  • Parenting & Guidance
  • Fetal Development/Developmental Skills
  • Language & Literacy
  • Social Emotional Development
  • Play, Learning, & Cognition