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FSU Partners for a Healthy Baby  Workshops for Home Visitors
8 Reasons to Attend Training!
When you attend a Partners for a Healthy Baby workshop, you learn to:
Promote healthy birth outcomes. Detect early signs of health or developmental problems.
More easily address topics that may be difficult to discuss. Better plan effective home visits.
Support parenting skills that promote optimal bonding, attachment, & responsive caregiving. Use the Partners curriculum to fidelity.
Teach parents ways to facilitate their child's development. Achieve program goals using the research-based Partners curriculum.

Learn how to support your families and achieve program goals using the research-based, practice-informed Partners for a Healthy Baby curriculum.

What attendees say about the training...
  • "This was the best 'on hands' training session I have attended. Thank you!"
  • "Originally was concerned workshop would not be stimulating because of my education and experience, but I gained much knowledge and was stimulated to gain more."
  • "I enjoyed all the activities. It gave me a visual view on what we may encounter on a home visit. I also learned different ways to deal with certain situations during a home visis."
  • "The information was very important and was given in a serious way, but fun as well."
  • "The workshop was definitely worth coming to. After HV for a year, it has reminded me of why we are doing this."
  • "I am committed to a renewed endeavor, to be the best HV that I can be."
On-site training is also available
Can't bring your staff to our training? Let us bring our training to you!

For more information contact Sarah Mullane 850-922-1300 or smullane@fsu.edu

Available Training

Partners for a Healthy Baby Workshop for Home Visitors
Orlando, FL: September 17, 2019 to September 19, 2019
Price: $595.00 (per seat)

Training Info & Fees

Training Fee does NOT include books.

Workshop cancellations received prior to registration deadline will be charged a $50 processing fee (per person).