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  The Local Early Steps contract holder provides the focus for the implementation of program services at the local level. Local Early Steps have responsibility for:
  • Services and supports provided to children and their families during the evaluation, intervention, and transition phases of their participation in Early Steps
  • Implementing the DEI component, including infant hearing services
  • Ensuring the provision of IDEA, Part C core and required services
  • Ensuring implementation of the Early Steps program components

Each Local Early Steps is required to ensure the provision of certain programmatic and coordinative functions and to inform the Early Steps State Office contract manager of each individual who is designated as responsible for fulfilling each function. Although a Medical Director is not required, it is a requirement that Local Early Steps have a physician and psychologist available to provide appropriate clinical supervision for medical and psychological services. Required programmatic and coordinative functions include:
  • Program coordination and administration
  • Availability of medical and psychological services
  • Service coordination
  • Data and fiscal activities
  • Training requirements
  • Family Resource Specialist services