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  The United States Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs requires states to develop State Performance Plans that describe how the state will evaluate the implementation of all requirements of IDEA Part C. Also required is a description by the state on how they will improve implementation practices as needed.

Early Steps recognizes the pressing need for valid and reliable data on the outcomes experienced by children and families who receive early intervention services. Florida's State Performance Plan sets measurable and rigorous targets for priority areas that are not in compliance with IDEA Part C requirements.

Each Local Early Steps is monitored, using quantifiable and qualitative indicators that adequately measure their performance such as in the areas of child find, timely transition services and any others specified by IDEA Part C through the United States Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs. Monitoring efforts focus on State Performance Plan indicators and improving early intervention results and functional outcomes for infants and toddler with developmental delays and disabilities and their families. Quality Assurance Reviews occur with each Local Early Steps on at least an annual basis as part of the Continuous Improvement Process and policies that are specified in the contracts of each Local Early Steps. In addition, a system of child outcomes measures family satisfaction further information about the effectiveness of the local and statewide Early Steps system ofrelated to early intervention service delivery.