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The service coordinator is responsible for several activities. These activities define the primary functions of service coordination based on law and Early Steps policies.

  1. sharing information about the Early Steps program and policies, including family-centered care, natural environments, and the team-based PSP approach"
  2. educating families on procedural safeguards related to participation in Early Steps
  3. Coordinating the performance of evaluations and assessments
  4. Facilitating and participating in the development, review, and evaluation of Individualized Family Support Plans
  5. Assisting families in identifying available service providers and supports to serve as recommended through the IFSP process
  6. Coordinating and monitoring the delivery of available services
  7. Informing families of advocacy services
  8. Coordinating with medical and health providers
  9. Facilitating the development and implementation of a transition plan to preschool or other community-based services, if appropriate

The method of initial assignment/selection of service coordinators is at the discretion of each Local Early Steps. The service coordinator must remain the same from first contacts through implementation and transition unless the needs of the child change in such a way that a different service coordinator would better be able to serve the child and family, or the family requests a change. Other team members, especially the primary service provider, may be involved in service coordination activities (e. g., providing family support, networking, resource identification, etc.) and will have knowledge of procedural safeguards. However, the designated service coordinator is ultimately responsible for meeting all federal, state, and local requirements and ensuring that families have a single point of contact.