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Element 1: Recognize the Family is the Constant in the Child's Life
This element recognizes that the family is the constant in the child's life while services and personnel may change. The ultimate responsibility for managing a child's health, developmental, social and emotional needs lies with the family. Therefore, providers must work to support the family in their efforts to be primary decision makers, caregivers, teachers, and advocates for their child. Practice Considerations

  • Acknowledge the key family members.
  • Ask families what they value.
  • Ask families about a typical day to dentify family routines.
  • Recognize the expertise of families as full-fledged members of the IFSP team
  • Listen to and respect the family's ideas and opinions.
  • Partner with the family to develop the IFSP in accordance with the family's strengths, needs, concerns, priorities and resources.
  • Support families over time as they strive to cope with and address their child's special needs