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  Children's Medical Services, Early Steps, in carrying out its role as Florida's lead agency for administration of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, IDEA, Part C, implements a focused, data-driven, quantitative, outcome-based, continuous improvement and monitoring system to determine compliance with a defined set of performance indicators tied to federal and state program requirements. The design of the system provides for continuous improvement through ongoing planning, implementing, analyzing, and evaluating the process. The system consists of two major processes: Quality Assurance (QA) and Technical Assistance (TA).

QA Review
Annual Quality Assurance (QA) reviews are conducted of all fifteen Local Early Steps (LES). The period of review incorporates a one year period. QA review activities include self assessment by LES of randomly selected child records, provider records, data, and a desk review by the Early Steps State Office (ESSO). The ESSO analyzes the results of previous QA reviews to compare to the current year results.

QA Report
A QA Report will be sent to each LES which reflects the level of achievement. In addition, each LES will be notified of areas that were identified to be out of compliance and must be addressed in the Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP).