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  After having six healthy children, it never occurred to us things might go differently with our seventh child. So my husband and I were stunned when we were told our unborn baby girl had Spina Bifida.

In the weeks that followed her diagnosis, we learned what a serious condition this was. Unable to feel anything from the waist down due to an opening in her spine, walking and other normal functions many of us take for granted would be difficult or impossible for our daughter.

Following Jordan's birth, there were many anxious days. It was a difficult and scary time for our family. Although we wanted to do anything we could to help our daughter, we didn't even know where to begin. Thankfully, into this traumatic time stepped Early Steps.

The Early Steps program assessed not only Jordan's medical needs but our needs as a family. They quickly established us with an exceptional pediatric physical therapist who has taught us many exercises to build Jordan's physical strength. We now have access to educational programs, to advisors when we have questions or need guidance, and to physical therapy equipment. Through their guidance, I have also been empowered to become an advocate for Jordan's needs as they arise. Furthermore, I have been encouraged through books from their lending library to develop a new vision for Jordan's future. Greatest of all, because of our involvement with Early Steps, we can now look forward with hope and confidence to a bright future for our daughter.

- Elizabeth, mother from Gulf Central Early Steps