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  Service coordination is the cornerstone of the Early Steps service delivery system. Early Steps assigns a service coordinator to each child and family referred who will assist the family in facilitating and coordinating services through all phases of the service delivery system. Service coordination encompasses planning for the evaluation, assessment, and IFSP development process and the integration of all resources, services, and supports identified in the Individualized Family Support Plan. Service coordination supports and encourages the family's self-direction and empowerment.

Service coordination is defined by federal and state rules and regulations as well as by philosophical perspectives and current and emerging practice. Service coordination (case management) is the activities carried out by a service coordinator to assist and enable a child and the child's family to receive their rights, procedural safeguards, and services that are authorized to be provided. Service coordination also involves the following:

  • assisting parents of eligible children in gaining access to the timely delivery of early intervention services and other services identified in the Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP)
  • coordinating the provision of Early Steps and other services being provided or those that the child and family need
  • facilitating the family's access to knowledge and resources to assist the child in reaching his or her maximum developmental potential