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  Lesson Two - Integrated Supports and Services: Utilizing a Team-Based Primary Service Provider Approach
Early Steps Policy Handbook and Operations Guide (PHOG) 6.2.0 (6.2.1-6.2.4) addresses the team-based Primary Service Provider.
The Early Steps system utilizes a team-based Primary Service Provider (PSP) approach to service delivery. A team-based PSP approach is a family-centered, capacity building method to intervention with young children with disabilities or developmental delays. A PSP approach to teaming assigns one member of a transdisciplinary team as the PSP, who

  • provides direct services to the child and family members/caregivers,
  • shares content expertise and discusses evidence-based practice with other team members through consultation and coaching,
  • and uses coaching with parents and other primary caregivers to support and strengthen their confidence and competence in promoting child learning and development.
The PSP is the identified professional on the IFSP team who works with the family/primary caregivers on a regular basis and with other supporting members of the IFSP team. Supporting team members are those professionals who serve the child and family through consultation with the PSP, joint visits with the PSP, and coaching or direct service sessions with the child and family.