Why Do So Many Families LVE the FSU Partners Curriculum?
Everyone wants to have a healthy baby and be a good parent, but babies don't come with a user manual.
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Why Do So Many Home Visitors LVE the FSU Partners Curriculum?
The FSU Partners makes it easy for home visitors to systematically and effectively plan home visits that address all the key topics.
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FSU Partners
Research Basis
The FSU Partners  curricular series is informed by the robust body of research underscoring the needs of both the expectant mother and her family.
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Comprehensive Curriculum
Partners curriculum addresses the multifaceted needs of expectant and parenting families.
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Alignment with Home Visiting Models
The FSU Partners curriculum is aligned with program standards of major home visiting programs.
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Using Partners to Fidelity
A simple 3 step process for using the Partners for a Healthy Baby curriculum to fidelity. You can achieve your program goals and help your families meet their goals
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Learn how to support your families and achieve program goals using the research-based, practice-informed Partners for a Healthy Baby curriculum.
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Partners Digital Curriculum
Intelligent search features. Helpful home visit planning tools. Print necessary materials directly from the curriculum.
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PHB Alignment with Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework
See how the Partners curriculum aligns with the five HSELOF domains.
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